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What is a practical classification system ?

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Classification system for all informations

There exist different methods, how informations can get stored into different groups.

A well proven system has been developed by Encyclopedia Britannica. It is an intuitive system and supplies enough sub categories.

Therefore we recommend to use it.

In the following, this system will be used on this website, to store any articles or reports in the correct category.

If a report fits into one or more categories, then we can use hyperlinks.

Each category can be divided into many more sub categories, but we will use them only, if needed.

We can have a look at Encyclopedia Britannica at any time, if we need to find the correct subcategory.

This encyclopedia is one of the best and is available in printed form, in dvd and online. And the dvd have quite a reasonable price.

And for students and scientists a further important advantage is, that it can be cited. We should always be cautious, what information sources we use; because it is difficulty, to decide, which source we can trust.

Wikipedia for instance is an excellent source, but we should be cautious to use it as a reference source. At least we have to countercheck it.

Of course we should also use other encyclopedias. But if we look for a classification system, we have to decide which one we want to use and then we should use it all the time.

According to this classification system we should also create a smilar folder structure on our hard disk, which we also should keep all the time the same.

Because we will need it for hyperlinks from any document or report, which we write.

The following pages about this topic are still under construction

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